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Product name : PPH A4
Price : USD349.00
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UFQ ANR Powered Paragliding Helmet PPH-A4   paramotor helmet 
EN966 Certificated! All UFQ Helmets now EN966 Certificated!!
 World's First ANR  Paramotor Helmet UFQ PPH-A4 !!!
(The price include helmet, visor,radio cable, aux link cable, gel earseal, cloth ear ear cover ----Super Over Value) 

 When the ANR is ON. You'll hear and feel the difference immediately. 
 low frequency noise cancellation improves by an additional 18-24 dB.

Outstanding Features PPH-A4:
* Great active noise cancelling level, average 20dB same level with Bose headset. better than David Clark ENC
   same level with Bose aviation headset
* One 9 volt battery working time up to 48 hours much better than David Clark 25 hours 
* AUX jack for Cell phone with link cables included
Main Features of PPH-A4:
PPH-A4 (ANR power: 9V battery)
PNR Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR):24dB
ANR Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR):20dB
Total NRR 44 dB
Helmet Specification for PPH-A4
Our helmets are made by best material and under good quality control. 
Materials: Fiberglass outer shell (Carbon Fiber) +EPS Inner shell+ Velvet Liner 
 With Anti-glare visor 
  1) sell together with the headset heavy duty headset with noise cancelling microphone and clear audio special design for 
 this paragliding helmet.
2) Fitting:  visor
3) Can resist outside impact and provide excellent protection for the players’ head and face (with face guard).
4) The elegant outlook makes player cool. 
 Character for ANR powered paragliding helmet  PPH-A4
1) Elegant outlook, Various and easy-taking size and package
2) With comfortable and quality Velvet liner, impact-resistant Fiberglass outer shell and EPS Inner shell.  
3) Use 100% quality materials.
4) 4 different colors for clients choose.
5) Suitable for paraglider players in competition and in leisure games
We can support by best price. Minimum quantities with order
 Specification for headset PPH-A4
 ANR OTH ( over the head) racing headset PPH-A4
 flexible  boom heavy duty headset for two way radio
 *ABS Plastic Earshell are Noise Canceling.
*300 degree adjustable flexible boom mic 
*Easy-to-wear super soft silicone gel ear seals
*Soft touch 1.000.000 cycle sealed PTT button on ear cup with waterproof PTT cover 
*Powerful Neodymiun Speaker.
*Universal 5-Pin Radio Port.
*Quick Release Cable Connector Port for easily attaching cable to interface  with any 2-Way Radio.
*Coiled cable contain high intensity Kevlar is very firm and endurable
*Spiral Shieldling redices RF interference.
*Scanner/iPod/Music Port.
Volume control attenuation 15dB 
Frequency range 200Hz - 6000Hz 
Sensitivity 101dB/1mW In-Put
 Frequency response 300Hz - 8000Hz
Source resistance 220 ohm - 2200 ohm
Dynamic noise cancelling microphone or electret noise cancelling microphone
 Note: suit for any radio usually we have 5 types of radio connector in stock. 
Please check this link 
for other radio connectors please let us know. We can make as your requirements.
How to connect to iPhone ? 
UFQ PPH-A4  have AUX jack, can be used as iPhone headset, always can enjoy music from iPhone
with good quality speakers. 
every PPH-A4 have link cable for AUX jack 
For iPhone should require an adapter cable( included) with one end 4 pole 3.5mm plug and one end 4 pole 3.5mm jack
for change the different connection. 

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