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Product name : UFQ A6
Price : USD269.00
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UFQ A6 ---This is the latest and patented ANR aviation headsets. 
Patent numbers:ZL 2014 3 0344880.5 
                                ZL 2014 3 0344838.3

* The lightest ANR aviation headset with earcup in the world. Only 250g weight!
* Good Active Noise Reduction same level with Bose, Lightspeed, Senhaiser.....

* Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time
* World's first ANR aviation headset with rechargeable lithium battery. 
* Full charged battery can work more than 24 hours.
* A good quality headset bag included for every headset. 
* Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.
* With Mono/Stereo Switch 
* Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or travelling use.
* With 3 different colors for choose:black, blue,pink 

See what our customer said 
Everyone was VERY impressed with light weight and ANR,Super comfortable and Nice ANR

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