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UFQ A7 ANR aviation headset Active Noise Reduction aviation headset pilot headsets

-Compare to Small Bose A20
- our 2018 new product Patent is pending 

2020 New version is Available NOW 
updated with New metal rotary shaft 
More durable than before!
Good News:
Now if you want to online buy our products 
please visit this website: 

New UFQ A7- Small XXXX  XXX
It is the result of our R&D team years 
hard working and continuous improvements.
Really great active noise canceling ANR function-The same level with the famous brand 

Customers comment this is a small XXXX  XXX BUT light in weight and comfortable

Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time
Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours

The mic boom can be rotated by 360 degree so the microphone can be used for left or right side

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone ensures crystal clear communication every time

dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included

Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music

Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.
With Mono/Stereo Switch 
Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or travelling use. 
A good quality headset bag included for every headset. 

We have different connectors for this item 
1) GA twin plugs or Boing connector 
2) Helicopter U174/U single plug 
3) Airbus 5 pin XLR male 
4) Lemo 6 pin male 

Usually GA twin plugs as default 
If you want other connector please leave us a message when you make the order 


UFQ connectors

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