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Product name : intercom
Item : IC-800
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World's first multifuncation intercom 

Can be used for aviation, racing, rally racing, paramotor and ect on. 

Can be quickly changed with the connectors for different such as standard aviation connectors 
and many different kinds of radio connectors.
The portable intercom is a powerful and functional tool which would full fit your need.
Just plug it into the extra power or by the assistance of a 12 vote battery
Clear communication with pilot and co-pilot  
each side can be connected with PTT if connect with radio 
Item number  connectors 
IC-800A  twin aviation 
IC-800B K1,Y4A
IC-800C Y4,S2,M1,S1,GT-3
IC-800D S3
IC-800G Ground support

For the details of our radio connectors please check this link:


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