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Body Cooling T-shirt

The human body cooling system is composed of liquid-cooled clothing and water circulating systems. Liquid-cooled clothing is a kind of clothing made of knitted fabrics and circulation pipes. The common cooling medium is ethylene glycol aqueous solution. The cooling medium flows in the circulation circuit, the temperature rises after flowing through the body surface pipeline, and then reduces the temperature through the refrigeration or cold storage device, so that the reciprocating cycle forms a refrigeration circuit, which can produce a cooling effect in the hot environment.

  • Small and portable design
  • Intelligent frequency conversion, low energy consumption
  • Compressor overcurrent protection
  • HD temperature display, precise touch
  • Precision temperature control is up to±0.1℃
  • Flow alarm
  • Liquid level alarm

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Traditional headphones feature wires and bulky ear buds that can get tangled or slip out, cramping your style and slowing your stride.

Blackweb Bluetooth earbuds won’t slow you down with a wire-free, lightweight design with ear pods that nestle easily inside the ear, with soft silicone caps for superior comfort.

The ear buds feature an over-the-ear hook that keeps them from slipping out, so you can run, jog, walk or even pace without slippage.

The lightweight wireless earbuds deliver three and a half hours of crystal clear performance as you go about your day, harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology to deliver the sound quality your music, podcasts and conversations require.

The compact design fits easily inside the included charging case; the case recharges the ear buds fully in just two hours.

They’re compatible with most smartphones, MP3 players and tablets, including Apple, Samsung, Google and other major brands.Blackweb True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

  • Wireless ear buds go wherever needed without bulky, tangle-prone wires
  • Ideal for working out and hands-free phone use
  • Lightweight design with an over-the-ear hook for all day comfort and stability
  • Blackweb Bluetooth earbuds provide 3.5 hours of crystal clear performance
  • Compatible with smartphones and other devices from Apple, Google, Huawei, Samsung and more
  • Includes a compact charging case that recharges the ear buds fully in 2 hours
  • Designed soft silicone caps for versatile comfort
  • Model number: BWD19AAH06
  • Available in black and rose gold colors to best suit your style

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