From the street to the suite, in small venues and large convention centers, two way radio communication is always around you. integrated solutions to help you improve everyday and emergency communications and enhance external collaboration with other providers and public safety.

For public schools, it is much more important to enhance Safety and Security of Students and Staff.

You can keep track of children on the move, monitor buses and routes in real time, and link districts and staff efficiently on one device.

1. Nurses

2. Pharmacists

3. Physical therapists

4. Admissions directors

5. Rehabilitation staff

6. Event coordinators

7. Dietary Professionals

8. Security, maintenance, housekeeping

9. Students and staff

Products offers many audio accessory solutions that can help keep two-way radio transmissions private between authorized personnel; the use of an earphone minimizes the chance that your patient’s private information will be overheard.

We provide seamless communications for your school personnel anywhere they go with unified voice and data

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